December 14, 2008

I am not too happy with how things are working for as in: we’re not evolving fast enough. That is if we are evolving at all. Actually no, we did evolve, but only slightly. Certainly below expectations. But I guess nothing can be done about this. We cannot invest any more cash into Google adds. All we can do is continue to deliver high quality content, keep the website updated and cross our fingers. Actually… why the heck am I speaking at plural? Right now i’m a alone in this ::- ). Nobody even reads this goddamn Blog anyway ::- D. Bah, I hate blogs ::- >. What the heck am I doing here??? Oh yeah, I started the blogs to help keep a history of but also to help with Google indexing.

The new WordPress layout rules, by the way. They keep chaning it every few months, but this one is the best layout I saw for a blog-machine ever. They’ll probably screw it up the next time though.

Ah… I’m outta here, got to work at other things as well! doesn’t even cover its hosting expenses yet! But here’s some nice stuff from the website, just so you zero-readers know this website doesn’t deserve such a cruel fate, to be forgotten:

Our Wonderful Nature

Square Loving Cat

Strutter Vs Celebrities

P.S.: This is my lsat post for this year, so I wish you all a Happy New Year. For those who celebrate various religious events: a happy celebration! It does not matter the event, what matters is that you have love in your soul  and forgiveness in your mind. Never forget that the Gods you all worship are supposed to be good and loving, not tyrannical and evil. All humans should have the right to love and the right to be free.


Hard Times

October 23, 2008

Things definitely didn’t go according to plan with our project. Last month we had some serious downtime which has affected us in an extremely negative way. We went down from about 3500-4000 visitors per day, to less than 1000. As I write, we are still in this situation, with less than 1000 visitors per day usually.

The only good part is that most of our visitors have become loyal enough to our website and I am very happy that we managed to pull this off. Right now, I am the only one maintaining the website and adding content to it. Soon I’ll even take over programming duties. Things are definitely not well, but what can we do? We will simply wait and see how things evolve (or devolve). I intend to continue adding content to the website and convince our visitors that we are here to stay, we got an extremely funny and pleasant website, only with premium quality content. That’s why it’s moderated after all…

Some great things from :

Who wants to be a billionaire, OWNED!

17 Years Of Life

The Amazing Water Bubbles Trick

A Few Good Days

August 16, 2008

Time for a short update about because as you probably noticed, there was not so much activity around here lately. I’m pretty busy maintaining the website and that eats much time so I decided to stop posting so often here. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that we had a few good days lately with exceeding 4000 visits per day. However, yesterday and the day before yesterday, we did decrease a little. Still, we did manage to stay over 2000 visits per day for the past week and a half, and that’s good. I hope we can maintain this throughout August and maybe upgrade to 3000 in autumn ::- ). It’s all about our visitor’s loyalty and I do try to keep the best content on the website in order to convince people we’re a good fun provider ::- D. New features are under way for the website too… more about all this in a future post.

And here’s something for you to laugh…

Your Ass Is Too Small

As I have already said on the sister blog, we have paused our Google AdWords advertising campaign for due to the need to further develop our website. We invested about 700$ in that campaign and we already exhausted half of our funds. I decided to pause it in order to further develop the website before resuming it.

Development means not only some bug fixing and functionality adding, but also adding new, high quality content as well as increasing the rank of our website by discussing with various partners about this. I plan to resume the Advertising campaign in August. Until then, however, things will remain quiet from that point of view.

The website is growing however, constantly climbing over 1000 users per day and even closing on 2000 some days. Our current goal is to gain rank in Google’s classification and we intend to do this by discussing with various long time friends of ours and add FunFoll content and logos on their websites. With some understanding and friendship, we can make it through this.

Last but not least, here’s something extremely funny and cute from our dear

Cat Doesn’t Let The Dog Eat

I’m very happy to announce that we got 5 (yes, that’s five) advertising campaigns now running on Google’s AdWords service. While I can’t say that the results are spectacular (far from it actually), we did grow a little, that’s for sure. We expect these campaigns to run without problems for the remainder of July and maybe a bit of August too. The last campaign was added almost two weeks ago by yours truly, The Writer, and now we are sitting tight hoping to reap some benefits from our efforts.

Something from our very-up-and-running

A cute commercial featuring Darth Vader playing Golf

3 Down, 2 To Go

June 18, 2008

For now, we have launched three advertising campaigns to popularize and the fourth and fifth will come in the last two Sundays of this month (the 22nd of June and the 29th of June). So far, this campaign brought us a lot of visitors with relatively low costs. We have invested enough to keep the campaign up for at least one more month (July), even considering the two additional advertising campaigns which will soon be launched. So the “Fantastic Five” will keep running for two the duration of July. We will also launch other advertising campaigns on other websites which we have befriended.

We really need to increase our Google Rank which is very low right now. But this will change once we start advertising on other websites too.  We can’t do that right now because there are still a few details which we must work-out. Such as a public web interface which will be used to add content to the website directly from its servers in Germany and the United States. As soon as we finish this, we can increase our advertising efforts. And I hope that this will lead to an increase in visitors.

And as long as visitors are concerned… unfortunately we have yet to exceed 1000 per day on a regular basis. So things aren’t going so well, but we’re working on this and I hope that we will see better results next month. The Internet is a very tough world and competition is extremely powerful.

And now, here’s something nice from our cherished

Death Star Cantina

Slowly, but surely

June 4, 2008

Since we have launched and initiated a Google AdWords campaign, things have been moving in the right direction for us in terms of visitors. We are welcoming about 600 unique visitors every day. This is of course, a big step down when comparing with the March boom, but still quite honorable. We hope to continue growing in the following few weeks. We will launch another advertising campaign on Monday, for the games section of our website. And maybe even some content-related advertising campaigns, for some of the more interesting stuff present on our website.

We hope that by the end of this month we grow to 1500 visitors per day, so that we can head into the middle of the summer with a greater goal in mind: 3000 visitors each day. There is a lot of work to do but we hope we can continue growing for each month. This is vital for us.

Here’s something excellent from our

Bullet Control – FANTASTIC

FunFoll is Launched!!!

June 1, 2008

We are extremely happy and thrilled to announce everybody that is Officially Launched as of today, the 1st of June, 2008!!! Today is the International Children’s Day, and our is but a child right now, so, I think it’s the best date to pick as our official launch.

The Launch started with the activation of our first Google AdWords campaign, which was initiated just a few hours ago. We will also start a popularization campaign with our friends and long time collaborators, trying to bring as many visitors as possible to our young but promising website. We intend to invest more funds in popularizing ourselves in the incoming period. Also, development will continue on the community section of the website, where we wish to allow users to add content directly on our servers.

For now, the future is still full of unknown, but we got a great working website, two dedicated servers to support it and a small but growing family of fans and great people who helped us and will continue to help us as we grow.

Let’s hope only great things will happen from now on!!!

Here’s something for you and your kids to enjoy!

Cute Pets!

FunFoll Begins!!! TODAY!!!

We are happy to announce everybody that our visitors from the United States of America, as well as Canada and South America, are now going to receive a much better service from us, as we successfully set up our dedicated server there. Our is now available at the same address for the entire world, however, people coming in from the Americas are redirected to our server in the USA while everybody else is redirected to a server in Germany.

We have set up the redirection system ourselves, and we are working on a system to keep the databases synchronized. Right now they are independent, but this will change soon. We are currently working at finishing the user tops and fixing final bugs. We’re preparing for the 1st of June launch, which will hopefully go well. We will launch on the 1st of June and this is final ::- ).

As for the future, all that in a next post… until then… take this! ::- )

Show Them To Me

Our team is now back from the 1 week long Easter Meets 1st Of May holidays. We’re back on working at our and we’re ready for this 4 week stint which should see at its end, the release of the website. We intend to stick with the 1st of June release date and we will do everything in our power to deliver a great website then. Several major improvements are in plan. Some consider the functionality of the website, but…

The first one and maybe the most important, is our U.S.A. based dedicated server. We have bought this one almost two weeks ago and we are now in the last stages of setting it up. We have transfered all the contents of the Germany server to the U.S.A. server and we’re preparing to bring it online sometime tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We hope that the existence of this better server will show to the entire community that we are prepare to present a website with a lot of power in it. We hope that this will help us grow. We really do. Because dedicated servers don’t come in big packages and they aren’t cheap.

Here’s something for y’all loyalists out there…

Baby Pandas